Flat-Fee Uncontested Hawaiʻi Divorce

Navigate uncontested divorce while on deployment

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2023 | Military Divorce

The U.S. Census Bureau reported that the military is the profession with the highest divorce rate, with a rate of 3.09%, which is nearly double that of the national average. Going through a military divorce presents challenging circumstances. Impending deployment or Temporary Duty Travel during your marital separation can add even more complexity to your situation.

Knowing your options and preparing your case is vital to navigating this intricate process.

Understand your rights

As a military member, you receive certain safeguards during divorce and child custody processes. You must know your rights, even when your relationship with your soon-to-be former spouse or co-parent remains friendly.

Active-duty members have the backing of notable legal statutes, such as the Uniformed Services Former Spouses’ Protection Act and Servicemembers’ Civil Relief Act. One of the significant protections under these laws is the provision that allows a military spouse to request a delay in the divorce proceedings to ensure that military duties are not adversely affected.

The USFSPA also governs the division of military pensions during a divorce and dictates the circumstances under which a former military spouse can retain full medical and commissary privileges.

Remain engaged in the process

An uncontested divorce is when you agree with your spouse on all divorce matters. These issues can include property division, child custody and spousal support. In Hawaii, you can file an uncontested divorce whether or not you have children.

Active involvement in the divorce proceedings is still paramount during your time away from home. Legal representatives can protect your interests by updating you on changes or developments. They can help avoid surprises and ensure a smooth process by providing support.

Facing a divorce during deployment may seem daunting, but remember that assistance is available. Experienced professionals can help navigate your concerns. It’s a substantial step towards securing peace of mind during a difficult period.