Flat-Fee Uncontested Hawaiʻi Divorce

What items must couples agree on to have an uncontested divorce?

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2023 | Uncontested Divorce

A separation can be much easier when spouses agree on critical issues. Many couples prefer an uncontested divorce because the process is quicker and less expensive.

If spouses do not take the time to iron out the relevant details, unnecessary difficulties can occur. Understanding the vital points to agree on opens the door to less stressful separation.

Division of property

The primary issue all couples must settle on is the division of marital property. A judge may award property in whatever manner seems fair, so spouses can avoid surprises by deciding themselves with a formal agreement.

Inviting a professional appraisal of items can clear up any disagreements regarding valuations. A financial analyst might assist with retirement accounts. The couple must also remember to divide debts.

Child custody and visitation

If the couple has children together, they must decide on custody and visitation rights. An exhaustive agreement is a protection, and neither party should make assumptions. The arrangements should explicitly answer questions about holidays, summers and vacations.

Custody raises the issue of tax deductions and exemptions. The custodial parent typically receives tax credits for children, but parents may have leeway in deciding which parent takes the deduction.

Child and spousal support

Each parent has a duty to the child, so the couple should endeavor to create an arrangement for support that displays balance. Alimony should take into account property division and what happens if a spouse remarries.

Even with an uncontested divorce, the court works to ensure the dissolution of the marriage is fair to the spouses and children. A judge must review the documents. The divorce then finalizes after the judge’s approval, which usually takes six to 10 weeks.