Divorce With Aloha

Achieve A Dignified And Peaceful Uncontested Hawaii Divorce

Divorce With Aloha, L.L.C., helps you complete the divorce process fairly and civilly by offering calm, experienced and affordable legal guidance.

What Are The Benefits Of
Divorce With Aloha?


Flat Fee For Services

No retainer or hourly charges. You pay a single fee, and we offer a money-back guarantee.

Virtual Approach

We reduce time, costs and hassle by providing online conferencing options, such as Zoom.

Peaceful Co-Parenting

An amicable divorce helps establish a cooperative relationship between co-parents.

The Differences Between Uncontested And Traditional Divorces

Contrary to many movies and TV shows, divorce does not have to be contentious, time-consuming and expensive. Contested divorces can last over a year and cost at least $20,000 in attorney fees and related expenses.

Uncontested divorces usually take two to four months and can be accomplished for a flat fee. Spouses control the process, and the discussions are private. Most importantly, they help co-parents establish positive relationships.

Settling your legal issues amicably significantly reduces emotional and financial stress. Our Honolulu uncontested divorce team has over 15 years of experience helping people achieve peaceful, fair and affordable outcomes.

How Do I Know If An Uncontested Divorce Is Possible?

If you and your spouse feel that you can reach an agreement over child custody and the division of marital assets and income, you are ready to proceed with the uncontested divorce process.

At Divorce With Aloha, L.L.C., we listen to your concerns, answer your questions, explain how it works and file the necessary paperwork, all for a flat fee. We are with you every step of the way for both civilian and military divorces.